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MARCORY Sainte Thérèse face Cinéma Magic, Fax : (00225) 21 26 00 98
Tél:(00225) 21 28 17 89 / 67 25 22 23
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59 Hann Maristes, Dakar Sénégal Fixe: (00221) 33 832 75 15
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e-mail: ntisenegal@ntisarl.com
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» Solar and Renewable Energy

installing solar panels for power

» Functional analysis of facilities
We work with the client prior to the project by organizing meetings of analysis. During these meetings, he expresses his needs and requirements and we will expose the best solutions. We support our development of a document analysis, taking the decisions taken in common. This document serves to support the reception of the installation.

» Realization of studies and industrial electric files
We carry all the necessary electrical studies: Distribution of powers, choice of voltages power, control and security - Selection, calculation and purchase of equipment, - Design electrical design, wiring book and settlements in the using CAD software such as AutoCAD or SEE3000.
We produce in our factory installation and wiring equipment in cabinets.

» Programming PLC and process control systems
The PLC programming is performed according to functional analysis. To ensure the pilot plant, we program and put in place monitoring applications using software like WONDERWARE of INTOUCH, PCVUE32 ARC COMPUTER RSVIEW ROCKWELL or SIEMENS WINCC. In development, applications made ??are subject to the final customer for discussion. Mimics are designed to provide the best possible ergonomics and focus on ease of use.
::: NTI Sénégal :::
drapo_senegal N.T.I Senegal, Dakar Agency. In his sharing of Industrial Technology, NTI has opened since 2010 a representation
in Dakar in order to provide support in Automation, Electrical and Electromechanical for the industry in Senegal.
::: Supply :::
» Asynchronous motors
» Variable frequency controllers
» Temperature Regulators
» Touch Screen, Touch Screen HMI.
::: Our partners :::
logo parker c2i siemens  vemat siel
::: Our services :::
With a strong presence in the industrial Ivorian NTI provides Sarl ago 2006 several services and materials proven quality
industries and Côte d'Ivoire in the sub-region. In our experience, we specialize in industrial services and training :
» Automation and Development
» Industrial Electricity and UPS
» Training
» Training and Assistance
In these businesses, we are able to advise clients on the design of the facility.
::: Some references :::
» Tongon Mine : Installation cabinet steering pump submerged
» SACO, San Pédro : Electrical box making factory lighting
» SACO, Zone 4 : Reel tape automation
» SOTICI, Koumassi Zone Ind. : Work automation extensions silos
» PLASTICABLE, Yopougon Zone Ind. : MAPRE machinery under supervision software intouch
» FILTISAC, Abobo : Rehabilitation and release JM1 JM2
» SOLIBRA, Treichville : Supply various materials ( drives parker, PLC siemens...)
» ROTOCI, Koumassi Zone Ind. : Rehabilitation cardboard Machine
  ... Continued
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